A way to save on expenses is to have some meals, snacks and/or drinks in your room. If you are flying into Orlando and taking the Magical Express to Walt Disney World, you don't have a car to go to the grocery store for the basic necessities. You could take a taxi to the store, but if you have the taxi wait for you, your savings could be eaten up. Fear not! Here are some ideas on how to get exactly what you want in your Walt Disney World resort room.

Publix Super Market (Powered by Instacart)

  • Delivers all types of alcohol (beer, wine, spirits).
  • At the time of adding Publix to this list, I called Instacart for rate details. She was unable to give me the details of the delivery fees. The delivery fee is not in the terms and conditions, either. Details are on the page if you become a member and pay a monthly fee for the membership, but she had no information other than it will cost $6 - $12 for a delivery fee, which you will find out when placing your order. 

Go to Publix Super Market website for more details.

Garden Grocer

  • Conveniently pick out everything you want at www.gardengrocer.com. Online orders accepted only.
  • Delivery charge: $14.00, but if your order is over $200, the delivery fee is only $2.
  • It is highly recommended to place your order 72 hours in advance, but 36 hours is required. There are unable to accommodate same day or next day orders.
  • If you place your order 15 days in advance, receive 5% off. If you place your order 30 days in advance, receive 7% off.
  • If you place your order 60 days in advance, receive 10% off.
  • The minimum order is $40.
  • Each order can only contain one ship to name. Garden Grocer does not divide orders into different ship to names, dates or locations.
  • Garden Grocer is unable to accept paper checks, food stamps, or third-party coupons at this time.

Go to Garden Grocer's website for more details.

We Go Shop

  • Go to any store needed to fulfill every item needed. You can choose what store they shop at.
  • No minimum purchase.
  • Fee structure:  
    • $50.00 and under = $19.00 shopping service fee
    • $50 - $100 = $24.00 service fee 
    • $100 - $200 = $29.00 service fee
    • $200.00 - $300.00 = $39.00 service fee
    • $300.00 + = 13% of grocery receipt(s) total, shopping service fee
  • Additional Fees: + $3.00 fuel surcharge will be added to all orders.
                                    + $10.00 fee for same day service, if available. (Does not apply to pre-arranged same day return trips)

                                          + $5.00 per each additional store shopped at.

                                          + $10.00 for "bag your own groceries" type stores.

  • A minimum gratuity of the greater of 10% of the grocery receipt(s) total or $5.00 will be added to all orders that are left at bell services.

Go to We Go Shop's website for more details.

ResortDeluxe resorts have their own list of available products to purchase at their mercantile.

  • The items are expensive for what you get.
  • There is a delivery charge.
  • There are limited products available.
  • They don't warn you they are out of a particular product until you see it wasn't delivered.
  • Good for last minute need, if not a unique item.

AmazonIf you are a Prime customer of Amazon, there are options for non-perishables items. (Disney implemented a $5.00 surcharge on all packages mailed.) There is also an option that include perishables if you are a Prime customer by shopping through Amazon Now. I found both of these options still limited, but one or the other may suit you just fine.

Amazon Pantry:

  • One flat rate for a box filled with items based on percentage full, which appears to be associated with weight.
  • Must be non-perishable (water, juice, coffee/tea, canned/boxed food, cans of soda, sweets, etc.
  • Less expensive items delivered
  • Check with Amazon on process of delivery items being sent through UPS or USPS.

Amazon Now:

  • Perishables and non-perishables
  • Many organic products with no other option/substitutes
  • No alcohol delivery

Dizzy Dolphin Delivery

  • They deliver 7 days a week from 9am-11am and 3pm-7pm
  • Email your order to Dizzy Dolphin on their Contact Page
  • They will give you a price for your order within 48 hours
  • They can provide products found in your neighborhood grocery or wholesale clubs. You can be as detailed as you want.
  • Deliver alcohol
  • $14 charge is added to your order. On orders over $250, the charge is $2.

Go to Dizzy Dolphin's website for more details.

If any one of these options are not enticing, call an Uber car to take you to any store you want! 

If shipping items (UPS and FedEx) to your resort to be there upon your arrival, keep in mind they do NOT deliver on the weekends. Even if the arrival says Friday, be careful and consider package arrival a day or two earlier. People have shipped with an expected arrival of Friday, but the shipping company had a delay and it didn't arrive until Monday. Remember that Disney now charges $5/package that is mailed to the resort. (Not including groceries delivered by a grocery company. Only items shipped/mailed.)