Everyone's experiences can give someone else an idea for their trip that they may never have thought of on their own.  Here are ideas to change up your dining experience at Walt Disney World.

Switch Lunch and Dinner--Most of us eat the same way on vacation as we do at home. We eat a light lunch meal and a bigger dinner (unless you’re dieting). The table service restaurants are usually more crowded at dinner than they are during lunch. (Remember, lunch is considered to be before 4pm at most table service restaurants.) Several restaurants also have a dinner menu that is more expensive. If you switch things around and eat the larger meal for your lunch, you will have a better chance of getting a difficult restaurant reservation. You will DEFINITELY save money at most locations, but the menu is usually different as well.

Dine During Off Hours--Most of the restaurants get crowded around the standard mealtimes. Plan your lunch and dinner either early or late. This will help when dealing with crowds and help get you reservations at a popular restaurant you want to eat at.

Book an Early Breakfast or a Late Dinner--An early character breakfast will allow you to see the park in a whole new light. (Of course, you won’t be able to go on any rides at those early times, though.) You can do the same thing for dinner. Check to see what time the park you’ll be visiting closes and book the latest reservation possible. Walking through the parks without being surrounded by a sea of people is something that is unique and you will enjoy.  If you are at Magic Kingdom later than the closing time, maybe you will get to see the "Kiss Goodnight".

Save Room for Dessert--How can you NOT enjoy a few desserts at the “Happiest Place On Earth”? You can’t turn in any direction and not find something that can be labeled as “evil”. It’s not all about the chocolate, either. You can find many sophisticated desserts without chocolate that will more than satisfy your sweet tooth. This includes items with no sugar at all. TIP: if you stand up while eating these desserts, all of the calories flow right out of your feet and into the ground. And, if you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you, too.

Split Your Entrées--My husband and I love to share our meals. We get to explore and try each dish. You can ask your server to bring you a couple of extra plates, if you want. This will allow you to split the entrées that you order between the two of you or everyone in your party. There are so many unique dishes at the restaurants that you’re going to have a hard time choosing what you want. If you split your orders, everyone gets to try everything.

Don’t Forget the Resort Restaurants--When most people think of Disney, they think of the four main theme parks. When they plan a Disney vacation, they plan their time in the parks. Some of the best restaurants are located in the Disney Resort hotels.

Try Something Different--As difficult as it can be to change from a comfortable, good restaurant you already experienced and know well, Walt Disney World has well over 100 restaurants and all of them are unique. Try to step out of your comfort zone and try something that you would not be able to get at home.  Look up the reviews on TripAdvisor, but take the individual reviews with a grain of salt.  It's best to look at the reviews as a whole in order to weed out the less-than-genuine reviews and the people who are jaded and/or haters.  There's one way to find out on your own......just go for it!