One of the biggest perks about staying in a Disney resort hotel is the free transportation you can take to and from Orlando International Airport with complimentary luggage delivery. Here's the process from your house through to your departure date at Orlando International Airport.

Domestic passengers can bypass baggage claim during the hours of 5am to 10pm. All passengers can avoid the inconvenience and cost of driving or finding ground transportation to Walt Disney World. With this special benefit, you'll get from the airport to Walt Disney World for free, in comfort and have your bags delivered directly to your room.


If you have Disney book your flights in your package, the Disney travel agent will ask you if you want to use the Disney Magical Express (DME). If you book your own flights, be sure to call Disney or go to to complete the form to book your vacation party's ride on the day you arrive and the date of your return departure. If you booked through a travel agent, be sure to tell them to reserve Disney's Magical Express.

For guests in a wheelchair or need assistance boarding the DME, be sure to advise Disney, your travel agent or call DME at 866-599-0951 of this need. Anyone in a wheelchair would arrange in advance to have a Disney Magical Express, equipped with a lift, meet them at the airport. When I spoke to someone at DME, the woman on the phone said only wheelchairs can use the lift, but I emphasized that some don't have a wheelchair, use a walker and just can't go up the bus stairs and told her how the buses on Disney property allow some to walk up the ramp instead of the stairs. She recommended using a chair to get on the DME so the guest is secure.

After you've made your DME reservation, information about Disney’s Magical Express, including luggage tags, will be mailed to you approximately 2 to 3 weeks prior to your arrival. Be sure to attach Disney's Magical Express luggage tags to each bag that you plan on checking with your airline IF you plan to have Disney collect your luggage and deliver to your resort. This will ensure your luggage is delivered to your Disney resort hotel. If you want to collect your own luggage, DO NOT attach the baggage tags. All bags with a Disney tag are put aside as they are unloaded off of the planes. They are NOT put on the conveyor belt at Baggage Claim. 

If you did not receive your luggage tags prior to leaving home and are scheduled to arrive in Orlando between 5:00 AM and 10:00 PM, you can simply provide your baggage claim numbers upon arrival at Disney’s Magical Express and Disney will take care of the rest.

Try to remember not to pack your MagicBands in your checked luggage. They will be used to check-in with Disney’s Magical Express at the airport, you will need them if you plan to go to a theme park as soon as you arrive and they are used to unlock your room when you arrive at your Disney Resort hotel.

If you have not received your MagicBand, be prepared to present your Disney’s Magical Express documents (which will be mailed separately to you) to board DME. You will receive your MagicBand upon arrival at your Disney Resort hotel.

If you have not received your MagicBand, be prepared to present your Disney’s Magical Express documents instead. If you have a Disney's Magical Express reservation, but do not have documents, cast members can assist you upon arrival at the desk.


Domestic Arrivals--Take the tram from your arrival gate to the main terminal. It doesn't matter if you are in Terminal A or B. Follow the signs to Baggage Claim until the terminals split. That's when you go towards Terminal B. You will be on Level 3. Between 5:00 AM and 10:00 PM, head directly to Disney’s Magical Express if you want Disney to take care of your luggage. If you want to collect your own luggage, head to Baggage Claim first. Keep in mind that if you arrived in Terminal A, you need to obtain your luggage in Terminal A and then bring your luggage to Terminal B via level 3 and then go to level 1 to catch the DME. If you arrived at Terminal B, you can collect your luggage at Baggage Claim on level 2 and then continue to DME on level 1. DME is located in the Ground Transportation Area in Terminal B, Level 1. Disney will claim your checked baggage for you and deliver it directly to your Resort hotel room via their luggage delivery service. If you arrive between 10:00 PM and 5:00 AM, you will need to claim your own baggage. Be sure you do not put tags on your luggage if your plane is due to arrive during those hours.

International Arrivals--Upon exiting your aircraft, you will enter the U.S. Immigration checkpoint. Have your passport and any required documents available for inspection. After retrieving your luggage, proceed to the Customs checkpoint.

When exiting the Customs area you may keep your checked bags with you to travel on the motorcoach or, between 5:00 AM and 10:00 PM, you may use Disney's luggage delivery service. To take advantage of this complimentary service, simply return your checked luggage to the transfer carousel following the immigration and customs process. Disney will claim your baggage and deliver it to your Resort hotel.

Take the tram to the main terminal building. It doesn't matter if you are in Terminal A or B. Keep in mind that if you arrived in Terminal A, you need to obtain your luggage in Terminal A and then bring your luggage to Terminal B via level 3 and then go to level 1 to catch the DME. Disney's Magical Express is located in Terminal B, Level 1.

All travelers--Be sure to keep any medications, essential items, and valuables with you. If you want to go to a park, pool, waterpark, etc., you can hand off all of your carryon items to Bell Services upon arrival. All it costs is a tip. Be advised, your luggage will travel separately from you while you ride the DME and may take up to 6 hours after you arrive at your hotel to be delivered to your room (depending on the time of your arrival).


The day before check-out, a Transportation Notice will be delivered to your room. The departure time and place for your motorcoach ride back to Orlando International Airport is listed on this notice. (Must provide Disney with your return flight information when making your reservation.)

To ensure you do not miss your flight, motorcoach departure times are scheduled to allow time for you to travel to Orlando International Airport and proceed to your airline gate. Please note that it is your responsibility to bring your luggage to the departure point. Bell services is available upon request.

Be sure to have your Transportation Notice on hand when it’s time for your Disney’s Magical Express departure. Your motorcoach driver will collect the Transportation Notice prior to boarding. Please note: MagicBands cannot be used to check-in for your trip from your Disney Resort hotel to Orlando International Airport.

Resort Airline Check-In

Guests who fly on a participating airline and stay at select Disney Resort hotels are automatically enrolled in the Resort Airline Check-In service when arriving through Disney’s Magical Express. This service allows you to obtain your boarding pass and check your luggage at your Disney Resort hotel bypassing airport check-in completely. If your flight is after 12:00 PM, your boarding pass will be delivered to your room on the morning of your departure. (Note: this is not always the case, though. Simply go to Resort Airline Check-in Service when going to catch your DME and they will print them there.)

If you choose not to check your luggage with Resort Airline Check-In, have your luggage loaded on the motorcoach that will be taking you to the airport. Bell services is available upon request.

Traveling With Service Animals and Pets

When staying at one of the 4 pet-friendly Disney Resort hotels, pet dogs may travel with their owners on Disney’s Magical Express. The dog must travel in the passenger cabin, in a pet carrier provided by the owner. The pet carrier must be able to fit safely in a seat on the motorcoach.